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Welcome to the Alpha Generation Heating product page. We offer a variety of heating and air purification products that represent the very best in quality and efficiency.

Because our quality control standards are high, we select only the highest caliber names in the industry. Our goal is always to deliver the best to our customers. Your satisfaction is of paramount importance. 

Below is a list of the products and manufacturers we feature. If you don't see what you are seeking, please call us and we can special order to meet your requirements.

Wood Stoves: Max Blank, Scan and Vermont Casting.

Gas Stoves & Fireplaces: Vangaurd, Comfort Glow, Central Fireplace, Rinnai, Empire, Lexington Forge, Malm, Monitor, Regency and Malm Fireplaces.

Oil Stoves: Kuma, Deville, Esse, Dragon and Falcon.

Electric Heaters: EdenPURE

Electric Stoves and Fireplaces: Electra Flame

Gell Ventless Fireplaces: 2 Burn

The Facts About Electric and Gell Fireplaces & Stoves:
     Just imagine that empty space on the wall or (unused fireplace) with a bright and ambient fire burning clean and beautifully all the while adding atmosphere to the room. Electric and gell fireplaces are all the rage, coming in freestanding or insert-style and a cornucopia of mantel designs for every home environment. You can be sitting in front of your complete, realistic-flame fireplace enjoying its gift within 20 minutes of taking it out of the box and plugging it in. It is difficult to distinguish the difference between the flames from wood and the real flames from a gell-fuel model (renewable natural grape-alcohol base) or the simulated flames of an electric fireplace. With electric fireplaces there is even a mechanism that makes the sounds of a crackling fire – without spitting hot embers across the living room floor. If you have an existing fireplace, an electric log kit can be purchased separately and installed in it.
     Electric fireplaces plug into standard wall outlets and therefore are limited to 1500 watts of heat – similar to most electric heaters. No heated air is drawn back in to feed the fire as with a standard fireplace, so there is no waste. The gell-fueled fireplaces produce about 2500 Btu of heat per hour and burn about four hours per 16-oz. can. The 24-inch wide logs can hold up to six cans for a maximum of 15,000 Btu of heat per hour. A log set can burn anywhere from one to several cans at a time depending on the heat output and appearance of flames desired. The heat output can be controlled independently of the flames’ appearance. High heat is not an issue if you decide you would like to surround your fireplace with bookcases or shelves. If you are limited on space, that's not a problem. There are corner-style models that are ideal for small rooms. Some of the electric logs themselves are real wood, not ceramic. For added realism, there are optional vertical stovepipes.
     The electronic controls and tiny motors that create the flames and sounds consume less than 200 watts. Using your electric fireplace with the heat turned off will barely increase the cooling load during the summer months if you desire the ambiance of the flames alone. The gell-fueled fireplaces should only be used during the winter months as they add humidity and heat to the air. The fumes from burning grape-based gelled alcohol are not toxic with ample combustion, however they do add greenhouse gases in the form of carbon dioxide to the environment. The logs used in the gell-fueled fireplace look quite real. There is a special grate and burning chamber that holds the cans of fuel. The grate is adjustable allowing the regulation of the rate of burn, size of flames and heat output. Remove the top of the can and place it into the burning chamber of the logs. The fuel lights easily with a match. Unlike vent-free gas fireplaces there are no codes banning gell-fueled fireplaces.

Vented Gas Stoves, Fireplaces, Inserts, log sets, central fireplaces: Rinnai, Confort Glow, Vanguard, Kingsman, Empire and Malm Fireplaces.

Vent Free Gas Stoves, Fireplaces, Inserts and Heaters: Empire, Comfort Glow, Rinnai, and Vangaurd.

Gas Furnaces: Evcon and Coleman.

Oil Furnaces: Confort-Aire, Evcon and Coleman.

Electric Furnaces: Evcon and Coleman.

Gas Refridgerators & Kerosene (RV & Home): Servel and Domestic.

On Demand Tankless Gas & Electric Waterheaters: Rennai, Bosch, Paloma, Moritz and Stiebel Eltron

RV Products: Refridgerators, Furnaces, Water Heaters, Gas, Elactric, Tankless, On Demand, Domestic, Norcold, Hydroflame, Atwood, Sunurban, Precision Temp.

Ozone Air Purifiers - Filterless: Alpine

Portable Air Conditioners: Toyotomi

Pellet Stoves: EasyFire, Sierra Products, Inc.

Alpha RV Mobile Services: Mobile RV Service specializing in gas refrigerator repair. Sales of new & used and reconditioned RV gas refrigerators, stoves and heaters.



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