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Many things about the 1970s deserve to be forgotten: mood rings, pet rocks, disco and most of all, inefficient wood-burning stoves. They leaked, smoked, smelled and  polluted the air. But with today's stoves, the problems of the past are truly that -- past. Efficient, economic and now almost smoke-free, a modern  wood-burning stove can significantly reduce your heating costs. And in the face  of today's rolling blackouts -- reminiscent of the '70s' fuel shortages -- replacing your old, inefficient stove with a modern unit is not just a cosmetic  upgrade (after all, there's no substitute for the charm of a fire on a cold  winter's night); it's a sound investment.

Alpha Generation Heating has been providing quality heating products since our founding in 1995. It is our mission to give our customers quality, value, and excellent service. We believe the best way to achieve this goal is to educate our customers first hand on which product would best satisfy their need.

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